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Pilates is a whole body movement-based system. It's truly an exercise that can be adapted to any body, any age. It enhances everything in life you love to do and can bring more energy and agility to your daily tasks. Considered since its creation as a "smart" exercise, it offers sequential and layered movements to make your body more efficient on a muscular and mind-body connection level.
With the following benefits, you can enjoy more your weight lifting, running, swimming, gardening, desk job... you name it!

Improve body awareness and alignment
Strengthen your core
Increase flexibility
Keep a healthy bone density
Avoid and alleviate back pain
Avoid injury
Lose weight
Increase flexibility
Boost coordination and brainpower
Tone and sculpt your body
Reduce stress
Considered the base of multiple fitness practices, Pilates brings 5 principles that can be understood easily and as a great introduction throughout its ABC words:


It is easy to underestimate the value of an effective fitness routine. By doing Pilates properly we train our body to move effectively, we learn how to connect our body's ABC and therefore we make the most of any exercise routine as well as looking after our body, even in a still position.

 Generally, all fitness practices are of great benefit if you are able to manage 3 sessions a week. Such consistency should be taken as the minimum frequency, not the ideal. 
Yes! as a mind and body discipline, Pilates can help children as young as 8-10 years old to achieve a stronger body, a more grounded and relaxed mindset, as well as increasing their confidence, abdominal strength and sleep.